[Keyboard world]What is a mechanical keyboard?

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Keyboard type

The keyboard of a personal computer that I casually use.

Perhaps it’s the device that you have the most chance to touch next to the mouse when using a computer.

It’s the device that some people have the most chance to touch.

This time I would like to take a look at the world of such keyboards.

Recent keyboard circumstances

There are two main types of keyboards used around the world.

There are two types, “membrane” and “mechanical”.

Generally, commercially available laptop and desktop keyboards are of the “membrane” type.

The membrane type keyboard has an integrated switch spread over the entire keyboard to keep costs down.

On the other hand, the mechanical type keyboard has a structure in which each key has an independent switch, giving it a unique feeling of keystroke.

Until the late 1990s, mechanical keyboards were sometimes used in server machines.

Today, commercial computers rarely come with a mechanical keyboard, but they are generally accepted for gaming applications.

Mechanical keyboard

There is a reason why the mechanical type is widespread as a gaming keyboard.

There are many situations where the response speed of devices such as keyboards and mice used in games requires accuracy in milliseconds.

Therefore, a mechanical keyboard with a higher reaction speed than the membrane was required as a keyboard used in more severe conditions.

In addition to the reaction speed, the mechanical keystroke feeling and the visual effect of attaching LEDs to each key are also the reasons why it is suitable for game applications.

Of course, it’s not just for games.

Due to its excellent performance as a keyboard and the freedom of customization, it has become popular for general use in recent years.


The keycap is the face of the keyboard.

There are two types of materials: ABS resin and PBT resin.

ABS resin keycaps are highly versatile, but have the disadvantage of being prone to deterioration over time.

You may have seen a keyboard that has deteriorated to a glossy finish, but that is the keycap made of ABS resin.

PBT resin keycaps are suitable for keycaps because they do not easily change over time and are easy to sublimate on the surface.

It is a keycap suitable for comfortable typing, with a smooth feel and a “click” keystroke sound.

However, it has the disadvantage of being more expensive than ABS.

Recently, keycaps with various designs are on sale, so it’s fun to find your favorite keycap.

Key switch (axis)

The key switch is the most important part for determining the feeling of keystrokes.

It is classified by color such as “red axis”, “blue axis”, and “brown axis”.

The definition of key switch features is based on the classification by Cherry, which is headquartered in Germany.

It is a long-established manufacturer that sells key switches for mechanical keyboards under the brand name of “Cherry MX” for many years.

The table below shows the main key switches and their features.

Many companies now sell keyswitches besides Cherry, but there is no big difference in the definition of keyswitch features.

If you prefer quietness, use the “red axis” or “pink axis”.

If you want a direct feeling of typing, the “blue axis” is a common key switch selection.

Some keyboards allow you to easily replace the keyswitches, while others have the keyswitches soldered to the board.

Even if the keyboard has the key switch soldered, you can replace the key switch by re-soldering.

When choosing a mechanical keyboard for the first time, the important point is what color key switch to choose.

If in doubt, “brown axis” or “red axis” is a safe choice.


So far, we have explained “keycaps” and “keyswitches”.

In addition, you can customize the case and base to your liking.

If you arrange the parts for each part like your own PC, you will be able to build your own keyboard.

First of all, we recommend that you customize the keycaps and keyswitches to your liking.

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Key switch


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