This is go-to handle controller!

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If you want to enjoy car games in earnest, Hankon is a must.

The quality of car games over the last few years has been remarkable.

Many people may find the operation with the pad or keyboard unsatisfactory.

By making the steering wheel and pedals a console close to the actual vehicle

I think the fun of the game will be doubled.

Logitech G29

Logitech’s G29 is a set of handles and pedals for PS3, PS4 and PC games.

It is the best match product for those who are using Hankon for the first time or who want to enjoy car games other than pads for the time being.。

About the handle

The steering body is wrapped in genuine leather and is a D-shaped type found in sports cars.

It also has a force feedback function, so the vibration of the car is directly transmitted to the steering wheel.

The paddle shifter can be operated in the same way as the actual vehicle, and the various buttons are within the reach of your fingers, so it is not comparable to the game with pad operation.

In car games, the operability is clearly improved.

About the pedal

The pedal body has a non-slip structure on the back, so the pedal body does not easily slip off at your feet.

The pedal itself can be removed for fine adjustment.

Since the accelerator and clutch are stepped on linearly, you can step on to the end at once.

Depressing the brake pedal feels like a hydraulic pump, allowing you to drive with a feeling similar to that of an actual vehicle.

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