X-Wing 1/72 Etching Parts PGX191

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Most models such as plastic models are made of plastic.

Since it is made of plastic, it can be finely decorated to some extent.

There is a limit to the decoration of thin and finer parts.

Therefore, using metal (brass) parts called etched parts

It is a part that supplements the part that cannot be expressed with plastic.

The etched parts introduced this time are

The popular fighter “X-Wing” that appears in the movie “Star Wars”

Etched parts exclusively for Fine Molds or Bandai 1/72 models.

The etched parts of this model are sold by “ParaGrafix”.


With “around the engine” of Fine Molds and Bandai’s X-Wing 1/72

It is a kit with etched parts of the ladder for the display.

Click here to purchase

For Fine Molds or Bandai X-Wing 1/72

Click here to purchase the etched parts “PGX191”.

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