A frying pan that can be used for 100 years! Germany turk

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When did you buy the frying pan?

The life of a frying pan is surprisingly short, isn’t it?

Surface-coated frying pans such as Teflon and Fluorine, which are often used,

When the surface starts to get scratched, it becomes more and more difficult to use.

Generally, the life of the surface coat is about half a year to one year.

Frying pans are high cost!?

For households that frequently replace frying pans

In fact, the frying pan costs a lot of money.

The cheapest frying pan costs around 10 USD.

If you buy a new one every six months, you will spend 200 USD in 10 years.

If you buy a new frying pan for 50 USD every year

It will cost 500 USD in 10 years.

If this is an iron frying pan, it will cost 256 USD in 100 years!!

Why is the life of a frying pan so short?

The surface-processed frying pan is “maintenance-free”.

You can take it out quickly, bake it quickly, and put it away quickly.

I think it’s a functional product made for busy kitchen situations.

Which frying pan can be used for a long time?

“Iron frying pan” is definitely recommended to use the frying pan for a long time.

Ingredients can be handled over high heat, so you can cook like a professional.

Immediately after purchasing, if you do the empty heating and oil leveling properly

It is a frying pan that is almost maintenance-free and can be used for 100 years.

Isn’t there a disadvantage even with an iron frying pan?

Unlike a Teflon-coated frying pan, it is heavy because it is made of iron.

Be careful not to burn it as you can get rid of it over high heat.

Because it is characterized by how to wash it and how to soak it in oil

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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A frying pan that can be used for 100 years, produced by the German company turk.

A standard frying pan that many chefs love.

It also supports IH cookware.

Would you like to radically change the frying pan situation at home?

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