Pac-Man Connect and Play – 12 Classic Games

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You can enjoy 12 kinds of classic namco masterpiece games immediately with this one.

Just connect the included AV cable (yellow / white) to your TV and you’re ready to play!

Can you enjoy?

The built-in games are as follows.

All are arcade versions, so the atmosphere is outstanding!

1. Pac-Man

2. Galaga

3. Xevious

4. Galaxian

5. Mappy

6. Super Pac-Man

7. Dig Dug

8. Pacman Plus

9. Bosconian

10. Pack & Pal

11. rally-X

12. Pac-Man 256

Where can I buy it?

This item is a net shop item, so it is unlikely that you will see it at the store.

Therefore, it is sold at major online shops.


The developer and distributor will be Bandai Namco.

* 4 AA batteries sold separately
* Instructions and package notation are in English.

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